Our value process is unique

Inform your feet anonymously

Take in photo your foot according to the instructions below and upload the files on the website. This is totally anonymous.

Choose a model of shoes among our partners

We have found innovative brands ready for creating your perfect future shoes. Choose a model you like.

Wait for your first personalized shoes

We will create your unique shoes through our innovative process : modeling, printing and lasting powered up by our artificial intelligence algorithm.

Shape your feet

Thanks to the photos of your feet and our expertise, we can build virtual soles that perfectly match the shape of your feet.

Print the model

We found out the perfect materials to print your soles, providing longevity, comfort and self adaptation to the way you walk. This unique process certifies the perfect shape for your feet.

Sole and shoe upper association

Finally, we send the soles to the company you chose. They will combine your personalized soles to the shoe uppers.

Send the finished shoes

We get back your shoes and send you a beautiful package with your personalized shoes. Enjoy !

How to order your own personalized shoes ?

You just need to watch this video to exactly know how to command your future personalized soles :

We are working on the creation of this video right now. But don't leave right now, you can help us by filling this form !

You are one click away from your personalised shoes

Looks great!
Looks great!

Take 3 photos of your right foot and 3 photos of your left foot :

  • The first ones from the interior of your foot.
  • The second ones from exterior of your foot.
  • The last ones from the back of your foot.

Then, add it to the correct pictures and validate your uploads. Our algorithm will verify if it can model your soles.

Looks great!