Are you interested to build the future personalized shoes with us?

With current technologies, the field of footwear can be greatly improved while keeping its current soul. Indeed, we develop personalized shoes by building soles (midsole, outsole and insole) that totally match the shape of the customer's foot. To enable this great revolution, we need your shoe expertise. We can imagine joining forces so that we can provide you with fully customized soles after helping us build prototypes ready to go into production. You will then benefit from a clear competitive advantage which will allow you to reach a greater number of customers.

We aim for improving people's everyday life

We believe in a world where the property of people should be created to suit their singularity. Everyone is working to make people's life more unique, but we noticed one contradiction deeply rooted in our habits. Indeed, each body is unique and each person is taking care of its body, trying to prevent it from disease and pathology. Doctors all agree on the fact that feet are the cause of the main pathologies in the lower body and nowadays, we still feel uncomfortable when we try new shoes in retail. Why is this happening ? The reason is obvious, we are used to the basic sizes of shoes. But today, thanks to 3D printing and artificial intelligence, we can find a shoe shape that can perfectly fit your foot and print it.

Make easily personalized shoes for your clients

We are working on a process that computes foot images to create 3D printed soles. By working with us, we enable you to create personalized shoes quickly and efficiently. With our experiments on 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and podiatry, we will build 3D models from customers' feet, print the whole sole (from the exterior sole to the insole) and then, send it to you to finish the shoes.

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